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The Pool is Open!

Thanks to the Oak Meadows Maintenance Staff, our pool passed inspection with flying colors!  Kudos also goes out to the Pool Committee for the new furniture around the pool deck (& more is on its way).

Updated: May 8

Oak Meadows Condominium Association

January 18, 2023 and March 15, 2023


* Frozen Pipes

* Storm Damage

* Snow Removal

* Geese Remediation

* Mice & Rodent Extermination

* Patios & Decks

* Contracts Awarded and Pending

* Work Orders

* Co-Owner Questions

* Next Meeting

Winter’s Last Hurrah

Frozen Pipes

Considerable time was spent discussing the problem of frozen pipes since several condos had significant damage from a December freeze. This is most frequently caused when water to the outside spigot is not turned off in the fall. There are many variations between buildings on the location of the water shut-off valve for the spigot. If you are unable to locate the shut-off valve, contact Walden Management for assistance. In some cases, the shut-off valve may be hidden by the ceiling if you have a finished basement, or it may be located in and around the joists making it hard to turn the spigot on or off. If this is the case, it may require hiring a plumber to install an accessible shut-off valve. Winterizing is the responsibility of each co-owner, as is the repair of all damage that may occur within the unit. Co-owners are encouraged to read and act on the directions that are described in the co-owner handbook and in reminders sent out by email each fall.

Storm Damage

The last several ice/snow/wind storms took their toll on the trees and branches around our community. Many have already been cut down and more have been identified. A walk-around took place to note the remaining branches for removal and to survey damage to trees, i.e., leaning or uprooted arborvitae. Recommendations will be given to the board for review. Walden Management will notify co-owners of any recommendations regarding trees near their units.

Snow Removal

A & H provides snow removal for all streets and driveways. After the recent significant snowfall, a concern was voiced about the location of the plowed snow near utility boxes. Prior to next winter, A & H and Walden Management will identify those areas where snow should not be piled. Note: Walden Management is responsible for clearing snow on sidewalks but is not contracted to provide this service on weekends except for sidewalks around the ranch units.

Signs of Spring

The Geese are Back (or perhaps never left)

Continuing its attempts to keep the geese under control, the board renewed its contract with Gooseworks, LLC to conduct Canada Geese dog hazing services, and egg and nest removal. As a reminder, please do not feed the geese. A free lunch only encourages them to stay around.

Mice and Rodent Extermination

There are more mice and small rodents than can ever be effectively baited and trapped (they were here first!). Consequently, the decision was made to discontinue baiting and trapping both inside and outside the condos. If you suspect a large animal is attempting to find a new home, contact Walden Management.

Patios and Decks

The replacement of patios and decks will begin in May for buildings 20, 22, and 23, located on Bancroft with decks facing pond 2. Contracts for all materials and labor are in place and materials will begin arriving in the near future. Once materials arrive on site, please keep an eye on these materials and if you see any suspicious activity around these stored materials when work is not taking place, call the Pittsfield Police. New irrigation behind these buildings will follow the deck/patio replacement.

A contract was signed to inspect the balconies/decks that have not yet been replaced. The contractor will determine the current state and whether repairs are needed for safety purposes prior to the scheduled replacement based on OMA’s long-term project plan timeframe.

Contracts Awarded or Pending

In addition to the contracts for the deck/patio materials and labor and for geese control, the following contracts were approved by the board and are awarded or pending:

· TruGreen (awarded) – for three lawn services which include fertilizing and weed treatment

· A & H Lawn Service, Inc. (awarded) – for lawn mowing and related services

· Gutter inspection (pending) – for inspecting and cleaning all first-floor gutters

· Cabana painting (requesting bids) – to paint the cabana

Work Orders

Walden Management is working on a process for placing hangtags on condo doors when work orders are complete. Several recent completed or in progress work orders include:

· Holes in the siding on the back of buildings are being filled and caulked

· A new basketball backboard and rim have been installed on the court near the swimming pool

· Many limbs that have fallen have been cut down and removed with more in progress

A reminder: if you require work to be done which is the responsibility of the association, please call Walden Management (734-769-2344) or send an email to A work order is required; requesting work by speaking with a Walden staff member on-site will not suffice. Please refer to Attachment #4, Repair, Replacement and Maintenance Matrix, in your Co-Owner Handbook to see which items are the responsibility of the association and which are the co-owner’s responsibility. There is also a link to the matrix on the Oak Meadows website -

Co-Owner Questions

A co-owner who would like to obtain an FHA approved reverse mortgage was informed that Oak Meadows is not an FHA-certified condominium. Walden Management will research the issue and report to the board on any possible actions.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the OMA Board of Directors is on May 17, 2023, 7:00 PM, location TBD. Watch for a message from Walden Management several days prior to the meeting and the sign at the Bent Trail Drive entrance for specific location information.

Prepared by Margaret Klammer, acting secretary.

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